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Lessons Learned From A Plastic Toy Flower

Let me preface this by saying that this post is totally unrelated to cake.

DSC_0057A few weeks ago, a friend of mine visited my home.  She brought me the cutest little plastic flower, saying it was “all the rage at the dollar stores!”  A single, white daisy with two perfectly matched green leaves, it sits in a little bright yellow plastic pot with brown plastic “soil”.  In the soil is “hidden” the little solar panel that brings life to my flora.  I lovingly placed it on my windowsill, just in front of my kitchen sink.  I figured that I would think of my friend each time I saw it – and I do, and I think of so much more.

You may have guessed that on sunny days, that little daisy and her leaves are just swinging away without a care in the world.  Back and forth, back and forth – silently soaking in the sun and dancing almost frantically.  As the day turns into evening, she begins to slow her pace until the kitchen lights go out.  Lesson One:  Enjoy the sunshine when it is present, being thankful for its abundance and warmth.

We can’t have sunshine every day.  Clouds and rain are inevitable.  The funny thing is, my little daisy friend continues to dance.  True, she sways a bit slower; however, she still appears to be full of life.  I don’t know much about solar mechanics, but it’s my guess that she is using some stored energy to make up for the lack of daylight.  Lesson Two:  Keep moving, even if it’s difficult.  Reflect on the good thoughts and memories that you have stored away to brighten up your cloudy days.

My little flower is only a simplistic plastic toy.  Cheaply made and sold as such.  True as that may be, I have found intrinsic value in her presence upon my sill.  It is as if she came with an itty bitty soul, imparted to her by my friend when she handed her to me wrapped in a pretty bag adorned with a bow.  Lesson Three:  Gifts given from a full heart have greater and more lasting value than those given from a full pocket.

I know that someday my daisy will wear out.  She will begin to slow down and finally cease to move.  I don’t think I will be able to replace her because by that time, something new will be “all the rage at the dollar stores” and plastic toy daisies will no longer be available.  Fourth and Final Lesson:  Appreciate your friends and loved ones while they are present in your life.  Until that time, I will continue to enjoy her lively dance and be reminded of some very important truths.


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